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Kimono Rental VASARA

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Reservations are made through 'WAmazingPlay'.

Kimono Rental VASARA

"Kimono Rental VASARA" is the largest nationwide kimono rental shop in Japan with over 20 branches across the country. In Japan, there is a cultural tradition of wearing kimonos on important occasions for oneself, family, and friends. These occasions include milestones like a child's 3rd, 5th, and 7th birthdays, school graduation ceremonies, coming-of-age celebrations, and of course, weddings. Moreover, the culture of wearing kimonos while exploring tourist destinations like Kyoto, Kamakura, Asakusa, Kanazawa, and others throughout Japan is also prevalent. Young people in Japan are increasingly embracing these delightful experiences.

Our mission and pride lie in making this beautiful traditional attire culture of kimonos, which is an integral part of Japan, easily accessible, convenient, and enjoyable for both the people of Japan and our esteemed visitors from around the world. We are committed to preserving and sharing this culture for generations to come.

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Reservations are made exclusively online. Please select the store where you would like to make a reservation from the options below, and book through the reservation website 'WAmazing Play.'

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Shop list


    9F, HK Asakusa Building, 1-1-16 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    Map Reserve
  • ASAKUSA flagship store


    Map Reserve

    4F Kanon-dori Building, Asakusa 1-2-13, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    Map Reserve
  • GINZA store

    Keitoku Bld.3F, 3-3-14, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    Map Reserve

    Shinjuku New Central Building 5F, 1-5-12 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    Map Reserve
  • IKEBUKURO store

    5F Ippei Bld. 3-29-14 Nishi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku, Tokyo

    Map Reserve

    Keitoku Bld.3F, 3-3-14, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    Map Reserve
  • SHIBUYA store

    8F Miyamasusaka-sensu Bld., 1-9-8, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Map Reserve
  • Hilton Tokyo Odaiba store

    Hilton Tokyo Odaiba 2nd floor boutique, 1-9-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    *Open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays *Hair styling service is only available on the free standard plan.

    Map Reserve

    Aipi-torasuto kawagoe Bld.3F, 27-12, Wakitamachi, Kawagoe Shi, Saitama

    Map Reserve

    18-3 Renjakucho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture Conforza 1F

    Map Reserve

    2F SuminoPLAZA Bld.2-8-7 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

    Map Reserve

    12-4, Onarimachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

    Map Reserve

    1-15 Someya Bld.2F, Isecho, Yokohama Shi Nishi Ku, Kanagawa

    Map Reserve

    Room 902, YTU Building, 2-20-1 Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

    Map Reserve
  • Nagoya Ekimae store

    5F Kawashima Bld.2-45-10 Meieki, Nakamuraku Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

    Map Reserve
  • KYOTO EKIMAE store

    6F SK Bld. 719 Higashi Shiokoji- cho, Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto

    Map Reserve
  • Osaka Umeda store

    1-12-6 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Umeda Ema B1F

    Map Reserve

    201 Life-Kanazawa Dai-ichi Bld., 5-6, Konohanamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

    Map Reserve

    2F, 2-7 Kenrokumachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa

    Map Reserve
  • Kurashiiki Ivy square store

    Ivy Square Kurashiki. 7-2 Honcho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama

    Map Reserve

    Platts Tenjin Bld. 4F, 2-5-17 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

    Map Reserve

Rental Plan



2,980yen (tax not included)

Recommended for those who would like to casually try wearing kimono with simple designs


4,980yen (tax not included)

Since you're wearing kimono, you ought to try out a brand name one!

Retro Modern

6,300yen (tax not included)

Enjoy a cute retro-modern outfit by adding lace and other options to popular antique kimonos!

Retro premium

7,300yen (tax not included)

A new collection featuring this season's attention-grabbing fancy tweed has been released! VASARA's original kimono, characterized by decorative tweed fabric with woven metallic threads, introduces a fresh trend.

Premium Two-Foot Sleeves

14,900yen (tax not included)

"Experience the exclusive VASARA original ensemble like no other! Enjoy something truly unique."

Student Discount Plan

4,500yen (tax not included)

"Exclusive Kimono Plan for Students! Includes a special discounted price and a hairstyling package!"


Yukata Standard

3,300yen (tax not included)

"This is a recommended plan for those who want to experience wearing a yukata for the first time. It offers an easy and convenient way to try out a yukata!"

Yukata One-Star

5,500yen (tax not included)

Yukata Retro

6,500yen (tax not included)

"We have a wide variety of original yukatas to choose from

Yukata Retro premium

7,500yen (tax not included)

Yukata Student Discount Plan

4,500yen (tax not included)

Choose from a range of yukatas, from standard to retro styles.

Visiting Kimono

Visiting Kimono Standard

9,900yen (tax not included)

This plan is recommended for customers who want to wear an authentic visiting kimono."

Visiting Kimono One-Star

15,900yen (tax not included)

Visiting Kimono Two-Star

20,900yen (tax not included)

Visiting Kimono Three-Star

29,900yen (tax not included)

Visiting Kimono Twilight

20,900yen (tax not included)

This is a limited plan available from 3:00 PM onwards. You can choose a kimono from all visiting kimono plans (excluding some Three-Star visiting kimonos) and return it the next day, making it a great value option."


Hakama Standard

18,900yen (tax not included)

Includes: Nishaku Kimono / Hakama/ Hanhabaobi(Sash) / Hadagi(Undergarment) / Hakama-Kincyaku(Handbag for Hakama) / Japanese-Style Sandals

Hakama One-Star

25,900yen (tax not included)

Hakama Retro Modern

29,900yen (tax not included)

Hakama Retro premium

49,900yen (tax not included)

This plan offers a more extravagant impression with a higher level of sophistication. It features VASARA's original style with embroidery and gradient designs."

The Gentleman‘s Hakama with Crest

20,900yen (tax not included)

Among men's kimono, this is the highest-ranking attire worn on special occasions."


Coming-of-age ceremony Standard

39,900yen (tax not included)

Celebrate your most important day by wearing glorious Furisode!

Coming-of-age ceremony One-star

59,900yen (tax not included)

There is a large variety of extremely colorful Furisode that made of pure silk for you to choose.

Coming-of-age ceremony Two-star rental set

79,900yen (tax not included)

Highest-quality Furisode with most splendid pattern will make you look more gorgeous.


Couple Standard

9,280yen (tax not included)

This is a recommended plan for creating wonderful memories together."

Couple One-star

11,280yen (tax not included)

This is a recommended plan for creating wonderful memories together."

Couple retromoden

12,600yen (tax not included)

This plan allows you to choose retro kimonos that will enhance your memories together.

Couple Yukata Standard

9,600yen (tax not included)

This plan is recommended for creating memories together as a couple."

Couple Yukata One-Star

11,800yen (tax not included)

A couple's plan where you can choose high-quality yukatas."

Couple Yukata Retro

12,280yen (tax not included)

A plan that allows you to choose retro-style yukatas to enhance your shared memories."

Couple Yukata Retro Premium

13,800yen (tax not included)


Men’s Standard

6,300yen (tax not included)

An introduction of men's kimono plans. Enjoy Asakusa in style!

Men’s Yukata

6,300yen (tax not included)

Men's Yukata: Introducing our men's traditional Japanese attire plan. Let's enjoy the summer in a stylish and cool way!


Shichi-go-san Three years old

9,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Three years old One-Star

14,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Three years old Premium

19,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Three years old "hifu"

12,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Three years old Family pack

26,100yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Five years old

13,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Five years old One-Star

16,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Five years old Family pack

30,100yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Seven years old

15,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Seven years old One-Star

18,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Seven years old Premium

23,900yen (tax not included)

Shichi-go-san Seven years old Family pack

32,100yen (tax not included)

Children’s standard

3,900yen (tax not included)

A plan in which you can enjoy wearing kimono with your child.

Swaddling clothes boy

4,900yen (tax not included)

Swaddling clothes girl

4,900yen (tax not included)

Children’s Yukata

3,980yen (tax not included)

Children’s Hakama

20,900yen (tax not included)

How to Use


We can sometimes offer same-day appointments depending on availability, but our services are generally offered through reservations made in advance.online reservation form.Please make your reservation by phone or by using our online reservation form. When selecting your kimono/yukata based on your plan and paying by credit card when making your reservation online, you can enjoy a hassle-free visit to the shop on the day of your kimono fitting.


Please come to the location where you have a reservation.If by any chance you are not sure how to go there, please feel free to call us.Also, we ask that you arrive somewhat prior to your reservation time.
Please bring a form of ID (passport, credit card, etc.) to confirm your identity — there is nothing else in particular you are required to bring, otherwise.


After checking in at the reception, your kimono fitting will begin right away in our fitting area. Our staff will quickly perform your fitting, from the kimono undergarments all the way to the obi (sash).One kimono fitting takes about 20 minutes per person.

Hair set

We will style your hair upon finishing your kimono fitting.We offer free courses, as well as courses with braided styles and other styles that complement your kimono look for an additional charge. Since this is such a rare opportunity to wear a kimono, we highly recommend opting for one of our hairstyling courses.


At the end of your kimono fitting, you'll receive a matching cloth pouch for carrying your necessary belongings.Since we cannot store your valuables for you, we ask that you keep them in your cloth pouch to carry them with you.We also provide large basket handbags for rental at an additional charge.


Once you are ready, please enjoy sightseeing and dining in Asakusa.Asakusa has many sightseeing spots to offer. Feel free to ask our staff about recommended sightseeing routes, or anything else!


We kindly request that you return your kimono 30 minutes before closing at the latest.Our shops' last return times are as follows: Customers returning their kimono will change in the dressing room.If you are unable to return it within the business hours on the same day, we also offer an option for an extension until 5:30 PM on the following day (with an additional charge).Thank you for your understanding in advance.


How about taking a commemorative photo while wearing your favorite kimono? We will shoot with a single-lens reflex camera. Would you like to leave your kimono more beautiful and beautiful than your smartphone? We will shoot with your own camera, so please feel free to contact us. *Reservations are required in advance to use the photography plan.